Do You See What I see?

You’ve heard of people seeing faces in everyday items? Elvis in a corn flake, the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast? Well, I have photographed and archived thousands of images similar to the ones you’ve heard of. The current galleries contain a preview of what you will see as the web site continues to grow. Welcome to Fermins Concrete Images.

Here you will experience a very new and different type of art. As you make your way through the different galleries you will see a variety of images. Some human some not so human. Sometimes you’ll see a face, maybe in the form of a profile, other times you will see an image of a human or animal. Some images will pop out at you while others may need a little more focus. No matter what you see know that these photographs have not been altered in any way. They are found and photographed just as they lay. These photos are taken from various places and settings such as sidewalks, streets, curbs, gutters, floors, carpet, tile, sand, dirt, mud, snow, cloth, trash, paper and plastic just too name a few. Enjoy and keep visiting Fermins Concrete Images.


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